Leather Company Profile format

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Leather Company profile format

Leather Company Profile format

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Name of the Company                                    (Company Name)




PH/FX : +

E-mail  :

Chief Executive                                              Mr / Ms

Having 12 years experience in the manufacture    and export of finished leathers.

Member                                                           Council for Leather Exports.

Dun & Bradstreet (No.91-852-8352)

Last 3 years turnover                                      About Rs.15 Crores

(About US$ 3.5 Millions)

Countries to which exported                          USA, Spain, Portugal, France, Taiwan &  Korea

Bankers                                                           State Bank of India

Commercial Branch, Walajapet, T.N.

Brand owned                                                  ‘Brand Name’ Footwear


Technical Team – Tannery

Our Tannery consists of totally 9 Technicians, 30 Supervisors and Helpers.  We are supported by 4 Administrative staff monitoring the entire Banking administration, Buyers orders and delivery schedules.

Finished Leathers Manufactured
Cow: Buff:  
Cow Kashmir Softy(1.0/1.1mm) Buff Linings (in Calves & Sides)
Cow Waxy Softy(1.2/1.4mm) Buff Calf Agadir Softy(0.8/1.0mm)
Cow Nappa Lexus(1.3/1.4mm) Buff Oil Pull-up
Cow Linings(0.9/1.0mm) Buff Antique Softy
Cow Kashmir Softy Antique Buff NuBuck (0.9/1.0mm)
Apart from the above articles we can develop new and innovative leathers as suggested by customer.

Factory Area   : The total working area inside the Shoe Upper factory premises is 5200 sq.ft apart from other utilities.

Conveyors      : We have installed two conveyors of 80ft in length and each with a potential 400 pairs per shift.  This is apart from the Pre-fabrication conveyor of 30 ft in length.  The Conveyors have been designed and illuminated with  standards far advanced from other factories.

Machinery     : We are equipped with 4 Clicking Machines and 5 Skiving Machines to support the above said production.  The other stitching and supporting machinery are all brand new.

Generator      : A brand new 100 KVA Generator is available to support during power failure.

Team       : A Team with rich experience is available to support any sort of production, right from Moccasins to Boots. The Company has recruited a team which has immence experience at some popular shoe factories and executed orders to reputed foreign customers such as Gabor, Majesty, Landmart, JJ Shoes, Riant, Filantho, ICR, Life Style International, Azzoro Enterprises, Hotter, Eramparmy, Francemode, Klodkee, Execursion etc.

Ambience     : The factory has an excellent ambience with full illumination of natural lighting and impeccable cleanliness.  The atmosphere has been created in a manner which would delight even the workers and result in optimum production yield.

ESI/PF/Labour Welfare: The Shoe-Upper factory has recently been commissioned.  The necessary govt formalities are being processed.  The Company has excellent reputation and record with all Govt.  Departments and one need not have any apprehensions of any hurdles in production.

Full Shoes :  We have started a full-shoe line in our factory recently.  We have already started our exports to UK since last month in Styles Classic and Moccasin.

FOOTWEAR BRAND : We have introduced vide varieties of Men, Women, and Children footwear in both Sandals & Shoes under our own brand ‘BRAND NAME’.  We have introduced these products as 100 %  genuine and eco-friendly footwear.  Our footwear is made from only eco-friendly processed leathers of Cow, Buff, Goat and Sheep, etc.  Our capacity is around 1,000 pairs per day and we have already test marketed in Andhra Pradesh and the response is immense.

Leather Company Profile format

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