Chit Agreement Format

Chit Agreement Format : Chit Agreement Format show below is the simple one and you just simply copy the content and paste. Then edit as per you name etc.

Chit Agreement Format

Chit Agreement Format starts here…

ViVe Chits

Address : #40/28 Tholkappiear St., Near Anna Statue, Arcot, PIN: 632 503, Ph: 04172 238188




THIS AGREEMENT IS MADE & ENTERED INTO AT _________________ on the _________________ day of

__________________ Year Two Thousand and ______________________


ViVe Chits,

A company having registered office at

#40/28 Tholkappiear St., Near Anna Statue, Arcot, Pin: 632 503 Tel: 04172 238188

Represented by its Managing Director. Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi Venu Gopal

or by its duty Authorized Officer-In-Charge on the part

(Hereinafter referred to, for brevity sake as the FOREMAN COMPANY

Which expression shall mean and include their Executers, Administrators and Assigns)


Mr./Mrs./M/s:___________________________________________________________________ Age: ________

Son/Wife/Daughter of: __________________________________________________________________________

Address of Applicant: ____________________________________________________________________________


Work /Business Address: _________________________________________________________________________


Name of Nominee: ______________________________________________________________________________

Tele (O) ______________________ Tele (R) ______________________ Mobile _____________________________

(Hereinafter, for brevity sake, referred to as MEMBER/SUBSCRIBER Which expression shall mean and include his/her/heirs, executor, administrator and assigns on the other part).


WHERE AS ViVe Chit Company having its Registered Office at #40/28 Tholkappiear St., Near Anna Statue, Arcot, PIN: 632 503. (Hereinafter called the Foreman, which expression shall include its assigners, and successors in interest) And whereas the Foreman has received and accepted the proposal for membership from Shri / Smt. ___________________________________________

(Here in after called the Subscriber which expression shall include his / her nominees, assignees and subscriber subject to terms and condition and privileges that follow hereinafter).


Full Name of Subscriber

No. of Tickets

No. of Installments

Amount per Ticket per Installment

Series & Chit No.

Chit Amount


Time of Auction ____________________ day of Auction ________________________________

Last date for payment of Installment is ________________________________ of each calendar

month. (The Foreman may at his discretion change the day, date and time of auction and also last date for payment) if the day fixed for auction fails on holiday or if any auction already notified could not be conducted on the appointed day owing to causes beyond the control of the Foreman the day of auction will be adjourned to next working day or some other convenient and suitable day under intimation to subscribers.



FOREMAN                                                                                                                  SUBSCRIBER

Chit Agreement Format ends here…

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