.NET Diploma in .Net


OOPS concepts – The .NET Framework – Methods and control statements – Arrays – Constructors, Destructors – Polymorphism – Inheritance and interface – exception handling – structure and Properties – File Input / Output – Multithreading Applications – Delegates and Generics – Features of Visual studio of 2010.


Intro to Visual Studio IDE – Fundamentals of VB.NET – Functions, Procedures and Properties – Advanced Features of VB.NET – Windows Froms and Controls – MDI Froms and Implementing Help System – Working with Dialog Boxes – Printing in Windows Froms – Accessing Data – Introdution to LINQ- Crystal Reports – Globalization and Localization – Working with components and Assemblies – Deploying and Configuring Application – Windows Presentation Foundation.


Intro to Visual Studio and ASP.N ET – Creating a Website – Working with HTML Controls, Web server controls, Validation Controls, Data Source Controls and Navigation Controls – Master Pages, Styles, Themes – State Management – Error and Exception Handling – Data Access – XML – User controls and Custom controls – caching techniques and Globalization – Security – Membership and Profiles – Deploying Applications – AJAX – ASP.NET Web parts – Silverlight.


Introduction to Database – DML – DCL – Data Centric Applications and ADO.NET – Connecting to Data Sources – Performing Connected Database Operations – Building Datasets – Reading and Writing XML with ADO.NET, Building Datasets From Existing Data Sources.


Student will develop web based applications like online reservation, online share trading, live website, etc. Academic project done in this course can be used as final year college project.