“AFFIDAVIT” Format to be print in 20 rupees stamp paper and should attest by Notary public Lawyer


I, Subash.  J S/o. Jayapal, Hindu, aged about 19 years, residing at 5/92, Kovil street, Ayilam Village, WalajaTaluk, Pincode – 632 509, Vellore District, do hereby solemnly affirm and sincerely state as follows:

I state that my father name is M. Jayapal in all Government records namely Voter I.D and Ration card my father name is mentioned as M. Jayapal. He used sign also as M. Jayapal.  But in Transfer Certificate of mine, my father name mentioned as M. Jayabalan.

I state that both M. Jayapal and M. Jayabalan denotes one at the same persons name namely my father’s name.

I state that what I have stated above are true and correct.