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ViVe System Solutions is an organization founded by R.V. Selvakumar B.E. in Jul, 2000. With a shared vision of providing superior quality Computing, Communications, Media solutions and products ViVe Offers complete solutions to our clientele in the info tech. ViVe System Solutions, India has released many successful products.
In 2002 ViVe developed the standard Accounts with Inventory software; it is user friendly and fully customized having all the features available in tally software. Then ViVe developed different variety of software in various fields.

ViVe believes in the integration of computing, communication and Media technologies in the information age and is working towards providing integrated products and services that will facilitate this. All ViVe Products are Y2K compliant already and are recoded to be Internet aware.
As we strongly believe in providing comprehensive solutions integrating various technologies, we are providing many support services like
• Software Consultancy and Evaluation
• Website designs/Animations and hosting services
• Internet / Intranet Consultancy, Design and Implementation

Software Consultancy and Development
ViVe System Solutions has Development Facilities at Vellore and Chennai. Powered completely with new generation GUI Development tools, it provides Customized Client / Server and OLTP Applications in
• ERP Services
• Customer Care/Service Management
• Hospital Management and Planning
• Code Conversion jobs

ViVe System Solutions has provided Consultancy and Design Services TAP based pager CT application.
ViVe System Solutions develops highly customized applications using efficient and optimized coding bringing in excellent response and processing speed. We develop Y2K and Internet aware packages targeted at DOS, UNIX and various MS Windows Versions making use of ODBC/ADO and Microsoft Internet technologies.
Website designs/Animations and hosting services:

We are providing solutions for website designs/animations/domain registration and hosting services. We have been providing websites designs with CMS (Content Management Systems) for better maintenance and security reasons.

Internet / Intranet Consultancy, Design and Implementation
With Internet/Intranet, you can ensure your sophisticated data analysis/patterns reach to the right person all over the worldwide network or your corporate network.
We offer content development, page designing/hosting and internet aware applications making use of Php, Java/Java Script and Microsoft Internet Technologies like IIS Server, ASP, ADO, Site Server.

People and Facilities
ViVe System Solutions is about creative and committed professionals who can be counted on to take up challenging assignments and complete them successfully and on time. Among the employees at ViVe System Solutions are developers with vast experience in product design and development. ViVe System Solutions has developed a number of successful products for its end clients.



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