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Features of Stores Software:

  1. Strong security & it is customizable by the user itself
  2. Any number of Companies / Accounts can be created and maintained easily
  3. Unlimited number of Suppliers & Customers can be maintained
  4. Product Categories made easy to classify the items
  5. Detailed information about each and every product / spare can be stored & retrieved
  6. Unlimited number of products / spares can be maintained
  7. Item location can be identified through software itself
  8. Purchase & Sales entry can be done easily
  9. Item wise ledger report can print easily
  10. Minimum order quantity level helps to purchase required items in time
  11. All items summary report
  12. Stock value report
  13. Customer wise issued ledger
  14. Purchase order wise issued ledger
  15. Multi user software, so can be install in any number of systems

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