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Additional Particulars to be furnished by the applicant ‘with subsidy’ and ‘without subsidy’ scheme for permit to LPG Autorickshaw    (51KB)

Ambedkar Law University – Application form – BL (3 years Course)   (102KB)

Ambedkar Law University – Application form – BL (5 years Course)   (97KB)

Annai Teresa Orphan Girl Marriage Financial Assistance Scheme   (100KB)

Annexure 1-A, Market value of properties,buildings to be furnished   (30KB)

Application and grant of No objection Certificate   (22KB)

Application cum Declaration as to the physical fitness – Form I   (111KB)

Application Cum Monitoring Form For Grant In Aid To Voluntary Organisations Working In The Field Of Integrated Programme For Older Persons   (265KB)

Application for a Conductor’s License   (47KB)

Application for admission to children section in Service Homes   (80KB)

Application for an Agent or Canvasser License in respect of Public Service Vehicles   (8KB)

Application For Annual Maintenance Grant From Amalgamated Fund To Disabled In Action   (7KB)

Application for a Permit in respect of a Contract Carriage    (16KB)

Application for a Permit in respect of an Educational Institution   (80KB)

Application for a permit in respect of a Private Service Vehicle to be used otherwise than for hire or reward    (8KB)

Application for a Permit in respect of a Stage Carriage ,Service of Stage Carriages    (15KB)

Application for a Special Permit in respect of a Contract Carriage   (8KB)

Application for assignment of a New Registration mark to a Motor Vehicle    (171KB)

Application for authentication of documents   (67KB)

Application for Authorization to Drive a Transport Vehicle    (66KB)

Application For Claim Of Financial Assistance From Navy Wives Welfare Association   (8KB)

Application for Consent under Air Act    (54KB)

Application for Consent under Water Act   (73KB)

Application for correction of particulars in electoral roll   (57KB)

Application For Creche Units Continuation   (104KB)

Application for Encumbrance Certificate   (12KB)

Application for Endorsement, Extension of the validity of a permit   (9KB)

Application For Ex-Gratia Grant From The Amalgamated Fund For Killed In Action   (9KB)

Application For Ex-Gratia Grant From The Government Of Tamil Nadu For Killed , Disabled In Action   (8KB)

Application For Grant From Raksha Mantri Discretionary Fund   (12KB)

Application For Grant Of Assistance From Indian Air Force Benevolent Fund   (7KB)

Application for Grant of Authorisation for Tourist permit or National permit    (7KB)

Application for Grant of Extract of Hindu Marriage Register   (7KB)

Application for Grant of Licence to Sell-stock-Exhibit-Distribute Insecticides – (form VI)   (77KB)

Application for Grant of Permit in respect of Tourist Vehicle    (9KB)

Application for grant of wholesale-retail licence – Essential Trade Articles (Form A)   (79KB)

Application for Grant or Renewal of Trade Certificate    (9KB)

Application For Grants From Welfare Funds Adjutant General’s Branch   (19KB)

Application For Grant Towards Major Surgeries   (15KB)

Application for H.T. Service Connections (Including Additional Load).   (23KB)

Application for inclusion of name in electoral roll after draft publication of roll (if your name is not included in the draft roll)   (65KB)

Application for inclusion of name in electoral roll by an Overseas elector   (27KB)

Application for intimation of transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle   (93KB)

Application for Issue of a Fresh Certificate of Registration in the name of the Financier   (7KB)

Application For Issue Of Identity Card For Ex-Servicemen   (6KB)

Application For Issue Of Identity Card For Widows, War Widows of Ex-Servicemen   (7KB)

Application for License to Drive a Motor Vehicle    (24KB)

Application for making an entry of an Agreement of Hire Purchase , Lease, Hypothecation subsequent to Registration   (58KB)

Application For Marriage, Housing Grant From The Amalgamated Fund    (8KB)

Application format for Tatkal family cards (Cards for residential proof purpose only)    (101KB)

Application for Membership   (80KB)

Application form for acquiring Ration Card in Tamil Nadu   (236KB)

Application Form for Agriculture Service connection   (19KB)

Application form for Authentication of Documents   (67KB)

Application Form For Award Of Educational Scholarship From Navy Wives Welfare Association (Central) New Delhi To The Children Of Deceased Naval Personnel   (9KB)

Application Form For Financial Assistance from ex-Services Personnel Benevolent Fund Funeral Grant   (9KB)

Application Form For Financial Assistance From The Tamil Nadu Exservices Personnel Benevolent Fund   (15KB)

Application form for Financial Assistance under the Tamil Nadu Arasu Kalappu Thirumana Nithi Uathavi Thittam   (110KB)

Application form for free supply of Sewing Machines   (99KB)

Application Form For Government Incentive To Parents Who Send Their Only Son,Sons, Daughter For Service In Armed Forces   (12KB)

Application form for Hut service   (19KB)

Application Form for L.T (low tension) Service Connection (except Agriculture)   (24KB)

Application form for New Health Insurance Scheme   (84KB)

Application form for obtaining Certificate of Fitness   (397KB)

Application form for obtaining Legal Heir Certificate (Bilingual Form)   (113KB)

Application form for raising of Senior Division NCC Sub Unit/Junior Division Troop (Army Wing)   (781KB)

Application Form For Reimbursement Of House Tax Paid From The Tamil Nadu Ex-Services Personnel Benevolent Fund   (11KB)

Application form for Renewal of Certificate of Fitness   (8KB)

Application Form For Sanction Of Grant Under The Scheme For Destitute Children   (253KB)

Application form for sanction of subsidy for the purchase of Generator Set   (74KB)

Application Form For Scholarship from AWWA   (8KB)

Application Form For Scholarship From Bengal Masonic Association Inter Services Charitable Trust,Adjutant Generals Welfare Funds   (14KB)

Application Form For Scholarship from Rehabilitation and Welfare Section   (16KB)

Application form for the grant of an Advance under the rules regulating the grant of Advances to Government servants for building etc., of houses.   (24KB)

Application forms for obtaining arms license   (135KB)

Application forms for obtaining new Agents License   (9KB)

Application for objection to inclusion of name in electoral roll   (60KB)

Application for obtaining certified copy of marriage registration   (79KB)

Application for obtaining duplicate – Replacement EPIC   (44KB)

Application for obtaining Press Pass (Bilingual Form)   (833KB)

Application for Payment of Deficit Stamp Duty of indian stamp duty under Sec 41   (4KB)

Application for Permit in respect of a Goods Carriage    (11KB)

Application for point out field boundary line (Bilingual Form)   (79KB)

Application for Press Accreditation (Bilingual Form)   (63KB)

Application for Press Pass Renewal (Bilingual Form)   (466KB)

Application for Reclassification of Land in Approved Plan – Annexure – IV   (76KB)

Application for Registration of a Motor Vehicle    (275KB)

Application for Registration of Firm under Indian Partnership Act    (16KB)

Application for Registration of Hindu Marriage   (100KB)

Application for Registration of Hindu Marriage at private residence   (7KB)

Application for Registration of Insecticides – (form I, III)   (79KB)

Application for registration of marriage on the day of marriage – Form 1A   (8KB)

Application for registration of Special Marriage – notice of intended marriage   (6KB)

Application for registration or renewal for registration as a retailer in Kerosene Form III)   (75KB)

Application for Renewal of Agent’s License   (11KB)

Application for renewal of Certificate of Registration of a motor vehicle, other than a Transport Vehicle    (13KB)

Application for Renewal of Conductor’s License   (8KB)

Application for Renewal of Grant of Licence to Sell-Stock-Exhibit-Distribute Insecticides – (form VII)   (78KB)

Application for Renewal of Licence to Manufacture Insecticides – (form-IV)   (75KB)

Application for Renewal of Permit   (7KB)

Application for Renewal of the Certificate of Registration – Fertilizers (form C, D, E)   (81KB)

Application for renewal of wholesale-retail licence – Essential Trade Article (Form B)   (76KB)

Application For Sanction Of Industrial Shed Subsidy From Amalgamated Fund   (20KB)

Application for Special Marriage Declaration by bride and bridegroom   (7KB)

Application for State Capital Subsidy-Special Capital -Investment Subsidy   (78KB)

Application for Surrender of Permit and Clearance Certificate    (14KB)

Application for TAHDCO Loan   (53KB)

Application for the Addition of a New Class of Vehicle To a Driving License    (8KB)

Application for the award of Tamil Nadu Government Scholarship for the outstanding NCC Cadets    (2MB)

Application for the Grant of National Permit   (12KB)

Application for the Issue of Duplicate Certificate of Registration   (10KB)

Application for the Renewal of Canvasser’s License    (7KB)

Application for the Renewal of Driving License    (87KB)

Application for Transfer of Ownership in case of a Motor Vehicle purchased or acquired in Public Auction   (5KB)

Application for Transfer of Ownership in the name of the person succeeding to the possession of the vehicle    (10KB)

Application for transposition of entry in electoral roll   (50KB)

Application for Variation of Permit    (12KB)

Application for Water-Sewerage Connection   (32KB)

Application for wholesale-retail licence including renewal – Sugar Trade (Form A – Schedule)   (76KB)

Application in respect of Temporary Permit    (10KB)

Application to Obtain Dealers Certificate of Registration – Fertilizers (form A)   (80KB)

Authorisation for Tourist Permit or National Permit    (6KB)

Authorization to be Carried by a Driver of a Transport Vehicle    (6KB)

Central Scheme of Assistance for Construction, Expansion of Hostel Building for Working Women with a Day-Care-Centre   (103KB)

Chennai Corporation – Application for issue of Birth Certificate   (81KB)

Chennai Corporation – Application for issue of Death Certificate   (81KB)

Chennai Corporation – Application for permission for land building   (99KB)

Chennai Corporation – Application for Supply of Water    (86KB)

Christian Marriage Certificate Application Form   (62KB)

Claim Form For Pocket Money To Ex-Servicemen Suffering From Tuberculosis, Leprosy or Cancer   (4KB)

Community Certificate   (94KB)

Declaration where the marriage is registered on the date of solemnisation   (8KB)

Dr Dharmambal Ammaiyar Widows Remarriage Financial Assistance Application Form   (121KB)

E.V.R Maniammaiyar Ninaivu Poor Widows Daughters Marriage Assistance Scheme – Application Form   (104KB)

Format for Examining the building application falling within the Hill stations (Bilingual Form)   (64KB)

Format Of Application Under Bank Loan Interest Subsidy   (13KB)

Form for Ex-Servicemen,Widow,Orphan Dependent For Priority Certificate For Employment   (17KB)

Form for notice of change in Registered members   (6KB)

Form of Applicant for the Grant of Learners License   (148KB)

Form of Application for Issue of International Driving License    (55KB)

Form of Application for licence as a wholesaler in Kerosene (Form I)   (75KB)

Form of Certificate to be produced by Other Backward Classes applying for appointment of posts under the Government of India   (54KB)

Form to accompany Building Appeal Petition – Annexure – II    (83KB)

Government Service Home- Application for General Course   (86KB)

Government Service Home – Application for Higher Secondary Course (Residential course)   (84KB)

Government Service Home- Application form for New 10th std pattern   (80KB)

Government Service Home- Application for Tailoring – Secretarial Course (Residential course)   (79KB)

Government Working Women’s Hostel – Admission form   (80KB)

Grant Of Financial Assistance From Disabled Army Personnel Widows Orphans Fund   (7KB)

High Tension Agreement   (30KB)

Income Certificate   (86KB)

Indemnity Bond for the consumer without consent letter from owner   (20KB)

Intimation for Change of Address to register in registration book and office records    (11KB)

Intimation of difference in the name of government gazette   (57KB)

Intimation of Grant of an Authorization to Drive a Transport Vehicle    (8KB)

Intimation of loss or destruction of a Trade Certificate and Application for Duplicate   (8KB)

Intimation of Loss or Destruction of Driving License and Application for Duplicate   (9KB)

Intimation of Loss or Destruction of License and Application for Duplicate   (12KB)

Issue of Free books and Note books to poor widow’s school going children   (98KB)

Low tension Agreement for Industrial – Agricultural Services   (45KB)

Master Plan Land Use Variation-Change of Land Use – Annexure – III    (77KB)

Materials – Tender for Supply & Delivery (Notice, Letter of Tender, Agreement & Conditions)   (102KB)

Medical Certificate for a Conductors License   (9KB)

Medical Certificate – Form 1A   (65KB)

Memorandum for Registration of Marriage   (92KB)

Memorandum for Registration of Marriage, Form IA   (-0KB)

Name Transfer Forms    (29KB)

Nativity Certificate   (86KB)

NCC – Application form for Enrolment – Junior Division/Wing   (881KB)

NCC – Application form for Enrolment – Senior Division/Wing   (657KB)

Note of Transfer of Ownership (Form 29) of a motor vehicle   (57KB)

Notice of alternation to a Motor Vehicle    (7KB)

Notice of Termination of an agreement of Hire purchase   (56KB)

Owner’s Consent Letter   (17KB)

Patta Transfer   (94KB)

Proforma for Change in religion (Bilingual Form)   (67KB)

Proforma to accompany Layout Application   (83KB)

Public Utility forms of Chennai Corporation

Reconciliation of Tax-Water Charges   (90KB)

Register of members to be maintained under Registration of Societies   (7KB)

Registration Form for Ex-Servicemen   (13KB)

Registration Form – Widows, War Widows Of Ex-Servicemen   (13KB)

Registration of Societies Form-I   (6KB)

Regn. as Dealer ( Form D, Amendments )   (82KB)

Regn. under Central Sales Tax ( Form 1-A )   (84KB)

Regn. under Central Sales Tax ( Form 5 )   (75KB)

Regn. under Central Sales Tax ( Form 6 )   (78KB)

Regn. under Central Sales Tax ( Form A )   (81KB)

Residential Certificate   (86KB)

Sathya Ammaiyar Ninaivu Government Orphanage – Application form   (84KB)

Scheme for Prohibition and Drug Abuse Prevention Scheme for Short Stay Home for Women and Children   (76KB)

Scheme Of Short Stay Home For Women And Girls- Application Form   (230KB)

Social Defence – Application for Certification – Form I   (77KB)

Societies Registration Form-II – notice of situation of registered office   (6KB)

Stoppage report for Transport Vehicles    (10KB)

Suggested Application For Cash Grant By Recipients Of Gallantry Award,Distinguished Service Medal   (8KB)

Tamil Nadu General Sales Tax Rules Form ( Form A)   (84KB)

Tamil Nadu General Sales Tax Rules Form ( Form A-1, Appendix I to XII)   (80KB)

Tamil Nadu General Sales Tax Rules Form ( Form IX)   (84KB)

Tamil Nadu General Sales Tax Rules Form ( Form XI)   (76KB)

Temporary Authorisation for use of Vehicle when the Certificate of Fitness has expired    (8KB)

Timing Register of Stage Carriage of Station    (8KB)

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