Tally Chapter 7

Question #1: ____________ is the wonderful part of tally.

Question #2: ___________ is the powerful tool available for fine-tuning reports.

Question #3: The Shortcut key for on-screen settings is ________

Question #4: ______________ includes Books, Registers, Financial Statements and Allied Reports.

Question #5: __________ key will help to change the period of Cash Book.

Question #6: _____________ is the special key available in cash book display screen to view daily balances.

Question #7: __________ is the reconciliation of special key available only in bank books.

Question #8: ___________ is used to display all Sales voucher one by one in the order of voucher Numbers.

Question #9: ____________ display has also got columnar report and extract facility as in sales register display.

Question #10: ___________ key helps user to go to monthly summary and to select desired month alone.

Question #11: _________________ list out all entries in a Day.

Question #12: _____________ keys will help to select the period.

Question #13: __________ key will help to list only a particular type of voucher.

Question #14: To Detailed view in Trial Balance, __________ key is used.

Question #15: _________ Reports classified into Inventory books and Statement of Inventory.

Question #16: _______________ helps to display all stock items which fall under one group or all groups.

Question #17: ____________ list out balance of all stock items on a particular day.

Question #18: ____________ key will rearrange item wise.

Question #19: ___________ key is used to extract option available in Sales Register Display Screen.

Question #20: ____________ gives details such as current stock, selling price and soon.


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