Tally Chapter 42

Question #1: ____________ is an indirect tax levied on goods manufactured in india and used for domestic consumption.

Question #2: CENVAT means __________________

Question #3: _____________ credit on purchase can be deducted from Excise Duty on sales.

Question #4: Assessable value is calculated on __________ methods.

Question #5: Two methods of Assessable value are _____________ and ___________

Question #6: ____________ is a Latin word which means based on value.

Question #7: _______ refers to the value at the time of removal of goods from the palace of manufacturing.

Question #8: _____________ refers to tax on the basis of measurement.

Question #9: ______________ has to file excise returns in Form ER3 on Quarterly basis.

Question #10: Excise can be enable in ____________ features.

Question #11: _________ is adjustable against duty, tax masters to be created for both.

Question #12: _____________ masters must also be prepared to handle both raw materials and finished goods.

Question #13: ____________ ledger will help to store the value of duty on purchase.

Question #14: The Shortcut key of Excise helper is _________

Question #15: _______________ gives a clear and duty payable and Cenvat Credit.

Question #16: ____________ is a register that keeps movements of all finished goods.

Question #17: __________ is otherwise known as account current.

Question #18: _________ is the prescribed format that records movements of any principal inputs.

Question #19: Excise for manufacture can be view in ______________ reports.

Question #20: ________ accounts movements of all principal input/capital goods in terms of money.


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