Tally Chapter 1

Question #1: Double Entry system was published by ________________

Question #2: The ________ types of Entry System.

Question #3: The purpose of Double Entry System is _________________

Question #4: ___________________ is a methodology with which the accounting process will be done systematically.

Question #5: ________________ involves decision making for a better presentation of financial results.

Question #6: Recording transactions on daily basis in journal book in the form of journal entry is referred as _____________________

Question #7: _________________ is an account which has physical existence in Nature.

Question #8: A living person (or) Group of Persons referred by Company Name is considered as _______________________

Question #9: ____________ may be defined as statement pertaining to an account.

Question #10: _______________ is a statement that lists out balances of all ledgers and groups

Question #11: ________________ deals with income and expenditure and helps to arrive at profit/loss.

Question #12: _____________ is a statement that lists out all assets and liablities.

Question #13: Tally Solutions Private Limited is an Indian company situated at __________________

Question #14: ____________________ is the Managing director of Tally Solution Private Limited.

Question #15: VAT, CST, TDS, Service Tax, Job Costing introduced in ____________ Version.

Question #16: POS, Enhanced Payroll, Export to Excel introduced in ______________ Version.

Question #17: TDL means _________________________

Question #18: Multi Lingual Support, VAT Composite Return, Excise for Dealer introduced in ______________ Version.

Question #19: DOS based, Only accounting with Financial Statements are introuduced in ____________ Version.

Question #20: Security, Audit, Vault, Cash, Fund flows, Export/Import introduced in _____________ Version.

Question #21: Accounting with Cost Center, Budget, Credit Limit are introduced in ___________________ Version.

Question #22: Windows based, inventory features, Group company, multi currency are introduced in __________ Version.

Question #23: Reorder Level, Ageing analysis, Scenario, ODBC, Single Entry Mode are introduced in ___________ Version.

Question #24: __________________________ consists of a set book called journal and ledger.

Question #25: Maintaining books of accounts with the help of any accounting software is known as _____________________

Question #26: ________________ is an option to input fundamental information about an entity whose books of accounts are to be maintained.

Question #27: Groups, Ledgers, MIS Heads, Cost Centers, Stock Items are necessary to keep up books and MIS are known as ____________

Question #28: Facility to record transactions in voucher format is known as ____________________

Question #29: ___________________ is a mode to view reports and statements on screen.

Question #30: ________________ is a choice of either getting hard copies of reports or connecting with third party software.

Question #31: Tally shows system ____________________ on the right part of the document.

Question #32: A Ledger is divided into ________ parts.

Question #33: Left Part is known as ___________ Side.

Question #34: Right Part is known as ____________ Side.

Question #35: Each Ledger must be assigned with _____________

Question #36: ______________ or _____________ Ledgers may have Opening Balances.

Question #37: The Shortcut key for Balance Sheet is ___________

Question #38: The ShortCut Key for Trial Balance is __________


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