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Flash ReportBDFlash ReportRAFlash Report-
Log Book DetailsMALog Book DetailsRALog Book Details-
Fee collectable boardKDFee collectable boardRAFee collectable board
Faculty Daily Attendance with TimeBDFaculty Daily Attendance with TimeRAFaculty Daily Attendance with Time
Batch recordBDBatch recordRABatch record
Daily Enquiry & Conversion DetailsKDDaily Enquiry & Conversion DetailsRADaily Enquiry & Conversion Details
Daily Work Allotment & StatusSSDaily Work Allotment & StatusALLDaily Work Allotment & Status
Scheme Performance
Admission DetailsBD
All Scheme PerformanceBDAll Scheme PerformanceRAAll Scheme Performance
New Year Mega Offer PerformanceBDNew Year Mega Offer PerformanceRANew Year Mega Offer Performance
Cre-kid PerformanceBDCre-kid PerformanceRACre-kid Performance
Pre-SAT PerformanceBDPre-SAT PerformanceRAPre-SAT Performance
SAT PerformanceBDSAT PerformanceRASAT Performance
Merit PerformanceBDMerit PerformanceRAMerit Performance
Vijayadasami PerformanceBDVijayadasami PerformanceRAVijayadasami Performance
Dinathanthi PerformanceBDDinathanthi PerformanceRADinathanthi Performance
Founder's Day PerformanceBDFounder's Day PerformanceRAFounder's Day Performance
Appointment LetterSSAppointment LetterSGAppointment Letter
Bonafide Certificate to StudentsSSBonafide Certificate to StudentsSGBonafide Certificate to Students
Experience Certificate to FacultiesSSExperience Certificate to FacultiesSGExperience Certificate to Faculties
Certificate Request List to HOTRSCertificate Request List to HORACertificate Request List to HO
Monthly Update
Salary Statement with BudgetSSSalary Statement with BudgetSVSalary Statement with Budget
Monthly Receipts with Royalty Calc. & Payments SummaryKDMonthly Receipts with Royalty Calc. & Payments SummarySGMonthly Receipts with Royalty Calc. & Payments Summary
Enrollment registerMAEnrollment registerKGEnrollment register
Salary & Batch wise Faculty TimeRVSSalary & Batch wise Faculty TimeSVSalary & Batch wise Faculty Time
Mobile BillKDMobile BillSVMobile Bill
Annual Report
Yearly enrollmentsMAYearly enrollmentsRMYearly enrollments
Yearly collectionsMAYearly collectionsRAYearly collections
Yearly Scheme wise EnrollmentsMAYearly Scheme wise  EnrollmentsRMYearly Scheme wise  Enrollments
Student Information
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Common Exam with Marks detailsTRSCommon Exam with Marks detailsKGCommon Exam with Marks details
Students Certificate available detailsRVSStudents Certificate available detailsRVSStudents Certificate available detailsRVS
Scheme Fee
New Year Mega Offer FeeRVSNew Year Mega Offer FeeSVNew Year Mega Offer Fee
Cre-kid FeeRVSCre-kid FeeSVCre-kid Fee
Merit FeeRVSMerit FeeSVMerit Fee
Vijayadasami FeeRVSVijayadasami FeeSVVijayadasami Fee
Dinathanthi FeeRVSDinathanthi FeeSVDinathanthi Fee
Government Projects
Student record with all detailsRGSStudent record with all detailsRMStudent record with all details
PVP Report SummaryRGSPVP Report SummaryRMPVP Report Summary
Course Materials Stock SummaryKD & MACourse Materials Stock SummaryKGCourse Materials Stock Summary
Promotional Materials Stock SummaryKD & MAPromotional Materials Stock SummaryKGPromotional Materials Stock Summary
Asset Stock SummaryKD & MAAsset Stock SummaryKGAsset Stock Summary
Q & AKD & MAQ & ASGQ & A
Action Plan
Incentive SlabsRVSIncentive SlabsRVSIncentive Slabs
Faculty work allotmentSSFaculty work allotmentRAFaculty work allotment
Faculty Subjects known detailsRGSFaculty Subjects known detailsRAFaculty Subjects known details
Faculty ID CardRGSFaculty ID CardRAFaculty ID Card
CSC Boundries for Poster ActivitiesTRSCSC Boundries for Poster ActivitiesKGCSC Boundries for Poster Activities
Contacts DataRVSContacts DataRAContacts Data