DAST Diploma in Advanced Software Technology


Client/Server Concepts – Relational Model – Data Definition using SQL – Modify Tables – Using Alter Table Queries, Add a column, add an index, add a primary key – Insert and Delete Queries – Update Queries – Using Select Queries – Select, Where, Limit, Order by, Group By, Join – Constraints and Indexes – Views – Expressions – Grouping – Using Functions – Math Functions, Compare String Values, Work with Dates – Join and Subqueries – Advanced MySQL Query Processing – Database Management, Stored Procedures, Triggers, etc.


Controls – User Controls – Properties and Events – Control statements and Loops – Procedures and Functions – Error Handling – Creating Instances of Objects – Menu Editors – MDI Applications – Sequential, Random and Binary File Handling – Data Manager – ODBC – OLEDB- Data Controls and SQL – Active x – RDO – ADO – Data Report- DHTML.


With our guidance students will undertake one Client- Server Project using SQL Server as Back-end and Visual Basic as Front-end.

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