Java Practical Exam

Question #1: By default all class in java are _____

Question #2: ______ is data type in java.

Question #3: “+” operator are used for ________

Question #4: In Java, the _________ keyword is used to instantiate an object.

Question #5: The process of copying data between method calls is referred to in programming as _________

Question #6: A class have two or more methods with the same name but different parameter lists is called ____________

Question #7: A _______ is a special method in a class that is invoked when the object gets instantiated.

Question #8: A Class uses the ____ keyword to inherit from another class.

Question #9: The _________ keyword can also be used in the child class when the child wants to invoke an overridden method in the parent.

Question #10: A _______ class can be extended but cannot be instantiated directly.

Question #11: The _________ keyword may be applied to a class, indicating the class may not be extended.

Question #12: A ___________ is a collection of abstract methods.

Question #13: we can throw your own exceptions using ________ keyword.

Question #14: Which method used in awt to drawstring _______

Question #15: The ________ method returns the number of character in the String.

Question #16: _________ method can be used to position a dialog on the screen.

Question #17: Repaint() calls the ________ method.

Question #18: ________ method can be overloaded.

Question #19: Two Classes in java enable communication using ___________

Question #20: ________ Object is needed to group checkboxes to make them exclusive.

Question #21: The default layout of the panel is __________

Question #22: When we are working on a Windows based platform, the path separator of a file should be _______

Question #23: The __________ method helps in clearing the buffer.

Question #24: Reading or writing can be done even after closing the _______ and___________ source.

Question #25: The Class, ______ does not allow appending data to an existing file.

Question #26: ___________ are also called nested classes.

Question #27: ________ interface is used for creating Statement in JDBC.

Question #28: The methods in a __________ class can be final.

Question #29: __________ is the default layout manage for Frames.

Question #30: ___________ is a abstract class.

Question #31: To compare two strings for equality, one can use ____________

Question #32: __________ is the default value of a Boolean.

Question #33: A class can have only a __________ parent.

Question #34: ___________ class is used to build Client Application.

Question #35: ___________ is the return type of execute update method in the class statement.

Question #36: Java networking capabilities are centralized in the ____________ package.

Question #37: ___________ and _____________ classes are wrapper classes for integer and character datatype.

Question #38: ___________ , _________ and _____________ are statements available in SQL Package.

Question #39: In java.Sql.package, Connection is ____________

Question #40: _____________ is the default priority in thread.

Question #41: Only One layout manager can be used per ___________

Question #42: Java supports _____________ inheritance.

Question #43: __________ contains both abstract and non-abstract methods.

Question #44: JVM stands for _____________

Question #45: Access Modifiers for __________ and ____________

Question #46: In java, char datatype is _________ bit Unicode characters.

Question #47: If the method name and class name are same then, it is called as ____________

Question #48: Super Keyword is used for _____________

Question #49: Does the class can extend more then ________ class.

Question #50: Repaint() method takes ____________ arguments to update a part of the screen.

Question #51: ____________ class is used by server to listen and accept connections to the clients.