TNPSC Group 4 (VAO) question paper 2016

Question #1: Select the correct Parts of Speech for the words mentioned with quotes

Question #2: Choose correct prepositions from the options given: _______________ the cupboard, very ______________ the wall, there is a narrow gap, _____________ which a few charts have been kept.

Question #3: Identify the sentence pattern: One of the boys had been singing well.

Question #4: Which of the following phrasal verbs suits the given sentence? _____________ your bad habits.

Question #5: Identify the incorrect sentence from the following:

Question #6: Find out the correct sentence:

Question #7: Find out the correct question tag: “She goes to school by van”

Question #8: Which of the following sentences is wrong?

Question #9: Choose the correct ‘Synonyms’ of the underlined word from the given options: Sivasubramania Iyer’s wife was very conservative.

Question #10: What is ” Possessive Adjectives”?

Question #11: Match the following identifying the phrase to complete the sentence and mark the correct code:

Question #12: Find out the sentence where gerund is used:

Question #13: ” If you can’t be a highway, just be a trail, If you can’t be the Sun, be Star; It is not the size that you win or you fail , Be the Best of whatever you are! ….” The Rhyme Scheme in the above given lines is ___________________

Question #14: The Giant’s final journey was to

Question #15: “The attainment of a developed status by 2020 does not mean that we can then rest on our laurels” Laurels mean

Question #16: ” To my immediate right the Nanda Pal glacier slopes down sharply ……………. Of course for the fact that ends in a cold and menacing snout with icy waters flowing below”. In the given passage the word menacing means

Question #17: Match the British English Words with their American English equivalent Words

Question #18: The American English equivalent of the word ‘Washbasin’ is

Question #19: The first step in the road to success, according to Edwin C Bliss, is to

Question #20: Gopala Krishna Gokhale was

Question #21: “Or, all day, we drive the wheels of iron, In the factories, round and round” In which poem do these lines occur?

Question #22: Which of the following is not a poem?

Question #23: ” I won’t look down. No I will not With speed of wings I hasten pasts”. In whose poem do the following lines occur?

Question #24: The Poem ‘Laugh and be Merry’ is written by

Question #25: What is the theme observed in the story “The mark of Vishnu”?

Question #26: Which of the following is a poem? Choose the right answer from the options given below.

Question #27: Match the names of the poets with the names of the poems

Question #28: ” A note as from a single place, A slender tinkling fall that made” These above lines occur in the poem

Question #29: Identify the figure of speech used in the following poetic line. In the World’ broad field of battle

Question #30: Walt Whitman wrote the poem “O Captain! My Captain!” as a dirge for the death of

Question #31: Select the correct answer from the options given below: A statement tells something. But actually it means the opposite is known as

Question #32: Which of the following lines belongs to “Robert Frost”?

Question #33: In which of the poem the following lines occurs? “And You O my soul where you stand”

Question #34: Which of the following is a drama?

Question #35: In the poem “Migrant Bird” the poet contrasts the life of a migrant bird with that of the

Question #36: Which of the following works is not a poem?

Question #37: Which of the following is not a Prose?

Question #38: Which of the following literary works exhibits the theme of optimism?

Question #39: During the Sepoy Mutiny, the queen who found against the British was

Question #40: Who among the following is a Bengali poet and has won Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913?

Question #41: Identify the author who uttered the following sentence: ” Man is born free but is everywhere in chains”

Question #42: Match the short stories with the authors:

Question #43: Match the characters relevant story titles

Question #44: Identify the nationality of the author, of the story “The Lottery Ticket”

Question #45: Whose autobiography is named “Wings of Fire”?

Question #46: Match the characters given with the stories given

Question #47: Which of the following is adapted from a short story written by Oscar Wilde?

Question #48: Which one of the following pairs is matched correctly?

Question #49: Match the folk arts with their states

Question #50: From the given options, choose the poet who has written “Don’t Quit”

Question #51: Find the sentence from options given, Which is in proper Reported Speech form

Question #52: Fill in the blanks with suitable articles: ________________ Woodcock flies from ______________ Himalayas to ______________ Niligiris without ________________ pause.

Question #53: Choose the correct antonyms for the Quoted word. Knowledge is an “exacting” mistress.

Question #54: Choose the correct sentences given:

Question #55: Which of the following sentences are in active voice? I.) They sing songs in the assembly; II.) A notice was sent by the manager; III.) You gave him your pen; IV.) He has built a house in his native place;

Question #56: Find the odd ONE from the following sentences:

Question #57: Identify the past perfect tense from the options given below:

Question #58: Blend the following words and select the correct codes given below:

Question #59: Identify the gerund form from the options given below:

Question #60: Identify the simple sentence from the given options:

Question #61: Which of the following plural forms is correct?

Question #62: Fluttering and twittering are the admirable actions of birds. Here twittering means

Question #63: Identify the character who is not portrayed in ‘The Merchant of Venice’

Question #64: Read the passage and select the correct answer from the options given below: The selfish giant in the short story of Oscar Wilde, finally longs for

Question #65: When Gangadhar Rao married the Rani of Jhonsi, she was only _____________ years old.

Question #66: Hugh Erskine got ____________ pounds as his wedding present from Baron Hausberg.

Question #67: “The reddest flower would look as pale as snow for, all day, we drag our burden tiring”. Mention the figure of speech employed in the above lines.

Question #68: Will no one tell me what she sings? Perhaps the plaintive numbers flow………..”She” refers to

Question #69: The speech in response to the student’s address was rendered by Gokhale at the Victoria Hall in

Question #70: ____________ said, “Don’t let anyone tell you ‘You can’t do it!”

Question #71: “The duty to Yourself is two fold”, said

Question #72: Which of the following is a poem?

Question #73: “Envy is ignorance and imitation is suicide” The above are the words of

Question #74: The Monolith, Yaanai Malai looks like an elephant only when it is viewed from this direction

Question #75: Identify the poem in which the following lines occur ‘You loved me with a never – failing love You gave me strength and sweet security’

Question #76: Identify the odd pair

Question #77: What is the name of the British born poetess who wrote “Women’s Rights”?

Question #78: Read the lines and select the correct answer from the options given below: “How often I think of going there, to peer through ……….” Where does Kamala Surayya think of going?

Question #79: David Herbert Lawrence occupies a unique position among the leading ____________ of England.

Question #80: The theme portrayed in Elizabeth Barret Browning’s poem “The Cry of the Children” is

Question #81: What is the theme of the poem, “A Psalm of Life”?

Question #82: “I was not born for one corner, the whole world is my native land”. Who said this?

Question #83: Complete the sentence choosing the correct answer: Mr.Parsons is the character found in the lesson

Question #84: Choose the best answer and complete the sentence: “Girl Star” a UNICEF project is a series of _________

Question #85: How old is the Brihadeesvarar Temple?

Question #86: Fill in the blanks from the options given below: ZIP codes are a system of Postal code used by _______ postal service.

Question #87: Which of the following is not a poem?

Question #88: One morning the giant was lying awake in bed and he heard some lovely music of a bird. The bird was

Question #89: Olivier Messiaen composed the

Question #90: Rabindranath Tagore won the ____________ for his ‘Gitanjali’.

Question #91: Robert Frost who wrote the poem “Going For Water” is from

Question #92: “Empoli is a town in central _______ “.

Question #93: To which nationality does the poet Walt Whitman belong?

Question #94: Who among the poets given below, is not from England?

Question #95: The line, “It blesseth him that gives and him that takes”.Occurs in the play

Question #96: Khalil Gibran is from