ASP – Active Server Pages

ASP – Active Server Pages.

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Self Learn complete ASP in this site in easy way…

What is ASP?

  • ASP stands for Active Server Pages
  • ASP is a Microsoft Technology
  • ASP is a program that runs inside a web server

What is an ASP File?

  • An ASP file has the file extension “.asp”
  • An ASP file is just the same as an HTML file
  • An ASP file can contain server scripts in addition to HTML
  • Server scripts in an ASP file are executed on the server

The ASP Technology

ASP and ASP.NET are server side technologies.

Both technologies enable computer code to be executed by an Internet server.

When a browser requests an ASP or ASP.NET file, the ASP engine reads the file, executes any code in the file, and returns the result to the browser.

 ASP supports many different development models:
  • Classic ASP
  • ASP.NET Web Forms
  • ASP.NET Web Pages
  • ASP.NET Core

Classic ASP – Active Server Pages

ASP (aka Classic ASP) was introduced in 1998 as Microsoft’s first server side scripting language.

Classic ASP pages have the file extension .asp and are normally written in VBScript.

ASP is a development framework for building web pages. Self Learn complete ASP in this site in easy way…


ASP – Active Server Pages Index

ASP – Active Server Pages Classic

ASP Introduction

ASP Installation

ASP Syntax

ASP Variables

ASP Procedures

ASP VBScript Conditional Statements

ASP VBScript Looping

ASP Forms and User Input

ASP Cookies

ASP Session Object

ASP Application Object

ASP Including Files

ASP Global.asa File


ASP – Active Server Pages Reference

ASP VB Functions

ASP VB Keywords

ASP Response Object

ASP Request Object

ASP Application

ASP Session

ASP Server Object

ASP Error Object

ASP File System Object

ASP Text Stream Object

ASP Drive Object

ASP File Object

ASP Folder Object

ASP Dictionary Object

ASP Ad Rotator Component

ASP Browser Capabilities Component

ASP Content Linking Component

ASP Content Rotator Component

ASP – Active Server Pages ADO

ADO Introduction

ADO Database Connection 

ADO RecordSet 

ADO Display 

ADO Queries

ADO Sort Data

ADO Add Records

ADO Update Records

ADO Delete Records

ADO Demonstration

ASP – Active Server Pages ADO Objects

ADO Command Object

ADO Connection Object

ADO Error Object

ADO Field Object

ADO Parameter Object

ADO Property Object

ADO Record Object

ADO Recordset Object

ADO Stream Object

ADO Data Types